The design of the packaging in today’s world is just as equally important as the quality of the actual product. You don’t think so?

Ok, just take a minute to look at all those people in hypermarkets browsing through all the stuff packed on shelves. How many of them will impulsively go for the product which has the best packaging (in their opinion)? What do you think?

Or, let’s take yet another perspective.

Imagine an ordinary millennial on his/her Saturday evening going through their Netflix and deciding which film to watch. What are the odds that he or she will eventually go for the movie that has more interesting poster/description than any other movie?

Over the course of time, we have been witnesses of many good and reputable sites eventually put to rest and taken down from the Web.

Legal reasons put aside, the main cause of sites’ rather short lifespan is the fact that they easily and quickly become outdated. No matter how your domain is popular at a particular point in time, how good content it has or how attractive it may look at the moment for visitors, if you don’t walk it through complete aesthetic and technology overhaul every now and then – it is doomed to fail.

Along with its content and functionality, the design of your website plays an integral role that can prolong your websites’ lifespan by breathing new life into its lungs when needed.

Go With the Flow

As an experienced web business owner you have most certainly already developed your intuition about what’s good and what’s not for your site when it comes to its graphical interpretation.

You don’t have to be a graphic or web designer to have your opinion on the matter. Likely so, following the passage of time you slowly become a victim of your belief that your site is as good as it is and it won’t become dull.


No matter what’s your opinion regarding new design trends, whether you think that something is too much or too little, you should always listen to what trends say.

Your website should be made according to latest industry trends.

Cause, at the end of the day, it’s customer who is always right and who will decide if your site is entertaining and content enough for him to spend his precious time on.

Take for example an emerging trend of grid site layouts and notice how some of the most prominent web addresses changed their makeup to stay competitive and on top of things.

Design Featuring Usability

One of the most notable struggles of aging websites is getting along with all them articles and content sticking around for years. With time, the size of information available on the website can become cumbersome, and it can make it very hard for an average user to find the information he needs.

This goes particularly for forums and numerous bulletin boards with lots of customer-made site material, as well as for websites specialized in the specific topic (tech-related websites for example).

Design overhaul of such portals can come at the expense of usability and searchability of the website, which can seriously harm user experience and make those domains user unfriendly.

Following few simple steps has proven smart when engaging in such endeavor.

1. Optimize content of your website

Do it in a way that it contains fresh and respectable material for the targeted audience. If your website falls into the category of portals with lots of articles and information, you should maybe think of breadcrumb web design solutions.   

Your website content needs to be optimized.

2. Pay close attention to fonts used

Either regarding font style or font size. Use of Arial or Verdana fonts is widely recommended. Font size proved to be the most appropriate for reading online shouldn’t be less than 11pt. Again, those values aren’t set in stone but it’s always advisable to follow some general rules.

3. Choosing appropriate color scheme

The right color scheme for your website can come a long way when we are talking about enhancing user experience. Contrasting colors for background and reading font are always a good idea since they make site pleasant for the eye and actual article reading much more cozier.

4. Make sure to keep your readers engaged

Use simple tricks always to keep your readers engaged and focused. This can be done by extensive use of clickable content on the website, either we’re talking about common ’’Log in’’ or ’’Register’’ buttons, or it is some hyperlinked content involved.

If some article posted on your website caught someone’s attention and dragged him onto your site, don’t miss your chance to suggest to him more related material using simple ’’Read more’’ or ’’Similar articles to this’’ buttons.

5. Be mobile-friendly

Finally, with the omnipresent use of mobile phones, tablets and alike used for web browsing it is crucial for you to make your traditional website available and responsive for all platforms.

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

With millions of visits coming from mobile devices today, it would be neglectful of you not to invest in the mobile friendliness of your cyberspace.

If your site is too old for today’s standards and there is no way for you nor anyone else to make it mobile friendly, you should certainly rebuild it in a responsive layout, or you can even build a dedicated mobile site.

Converting your goldfish website into a whale

Getting your website to stand the test of time and new trends, it’s essential you follow the lines of the dynamic streams such as the internet.

It is a somewhat duty of every business owner to maintain their website, constantly work on new features and designs, and make it a pleasure for your visitors (and potential clients).

If you need help, you can always hire professionals to help you make the best of your online presence. Contact us for the initial assessment and we’ll get you where you want to be.