Making your website stand out is a very difficult task and requires lots of researching, planning and doing.

Yes, content your site provides is very important but making it visually attractive to visitors is in today’s world just as equally important.

With that being said, it is of utmost importance for online businesses to unite web designers with their clients in what’s called collaborative web design in order to achieve something great together.

Here’s list of sites that made it this far from developer’s standpoint and why:


Subscription box madness that is taking over the Internet is the direct reason for many beautiful sites like Cratejoy.

In fact, Cratejoy is an e-commerce platform that enables aspiring subscription box entrepreneurs to quickly set up their stores and lift their subscription box business off the ground in no time.

At the same time, Cratejoy has a marketplace where it lists stores hosted by Cratejoy’s users. This marketplace enables site visitors to browse through millions of subscription boxes and to potentially sign up for the ones they find interesting.

What makes Cratejoy unique is the beautifully integrated search engine within the site.

This search enables for browsing through different categories, subscription boxes, blog posts, or to filter subscription boxes that ship just to specific countries.


Yet another SaaS that enables implementing subscription based payments, this time on your membership platform.

Putting its function aside, what this site does so well is featuring incredibly user-friendly help section which feels almost like a tutorial.

Each and every topic in the FAQ section features sublists and topics that will make finding your way around the service easy breezy. This is definitely how polished help section of any site should look like.


Notably, the largest online shop for video games is also one beautifully designed store, which makes it super easy for its users to get to the content they like.

Also, Steam is a community that enables its users to share their experiences and reviews of certain releases, to rate releases etc. It is sort of a social network where users can exchange content, compose wishlists and make game achievements. And many, many more.

Steam is perhaps the perfect example of how specific content site should resonate with its target audience. Color schemes and layout of the site are cartoonish-like which is very close to what video games look like. With implemented achievements and prizes within the store, Steam is pretty much a video game itself which is an excellent example of engaging with the target market.


If you are a bit tech savvy web user nowadays, it is very likely that you already know what Dropbox is about. If you hear about it for the first time – no worries. The subheading on the homepage of this site brilliantly describes what Dropbox does and what service it offers.

When it comes to web design, we can indeed say that beauty is simplicity and this site is the perfect example of a powerful, yet very simply designed site.

If we take a look at Dropbox’s landing page we see that it contains everything it really needs: good and recognizable branding of service, accompanied by a title and descriptive subheadings and large call-to-action button calling for free 30 days trial it offers for its newcomers.

From the visual aspect, this page embraces the usage of large white spaces with its color palette supplemented with only certain shades of blue. A perfect example of simplicity!

A24 Films

Video content and engaging material is something that people browsing the Internet today would like to see more of.

A24 Films is definitely one of those sites that serve that dish. It is a good example of a website that features lots of video material (trailers for films) and is not burdensome for the visitor at the same time.

Also, making your social media connections visible at the header of the site is indeed a good solution.

Skipping generally accepted practice of burying social media links somewhere at the bottom of the site proved to be a good thing to do as it is more likely to engage site visitors to search for further info on the company by browsing through its social network pages.

Final thoughts

When creating site first of all you will need to know what your target audience will be. With that in mind, you will perfectly know what your main web design weapon should be.

Don’t be afraid to try out something new or to escape from the ordinary a bit.

Most of the times, that’s the only way for your website to offer something new and to stand out from the crowd.


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