The visual stimulation that we expect from an artwork is the one we also expect from artist websites — we want to be moved by its visual effect.

As the digital presence has opened many artists to an even greater audience, artist websites became the small, cozy galleries for enjoying the best pieces of the artist we love or have just discovered.

Now, the artist portfolio needs to showcase its owner straight away. The design, navigation, and interactions need to be straightforward and attract website visitors.

Especially for the first-time visitors, it’s essential that they can understand as quickly as possible who is the artist, what is his/her art like, and why it’s worth seeing.

And to drive the right psychological effects of a web site home, it’s important for the web designer to work together with the artist, and bring their spirits at the forefront of the design.

If you were looking for an idea how to capture your company’s or your blog’s spirit in form of a website, take a look at the well-crafted websites below.

Mikiya Kobayashi

Artist websites - Mikiya KobayashiArtist websites - Mikiya Kobayashi


Mikiya Kobayashi is a product designer from Tokyo with a distinctive minimalist Japanese style.

The sheer serenity that this website breathes is perfectly depicting the Japanese spirit of his home and kitchen products.

Slick layovers and simple navigation helps the visitor consume the content easily.

Charles Bongers

Artist Websites - Charles Bongers

Charles is a mix-breed – artist with a strong marketing background, which can be seen in his cleverly styled website.

The former team member of the Ogilvy creative team understands how important is to have the message of the website clear right away – here is my art, enjoy. If you are up for enjoying further and learning more about the artist, you can use the fun navigation to help you around.

An overall fine-tuned experience finished off with a smart motto: Art doesn’t need u, u need art.



Artist Websites - Banksy

Artist Websites - Banksy

Banksy, the graffiti artist who shakes the world daily with his satirical view on the world politics, has a website portfolio that enjoys great popularity.

As the artist discloses himself to the public eye, his website represents his statements and his acknowledged work.

The website is cynical from the start, with a 4-element navigation – his graffitis, his indoor work and the link to the hotel he helped decorate.


Mister Lapin

Artist websites - Mister Lapin

Artist websites - Mister Lapin

Mister Lapin is, in fact, she – Cinzia Dosa-Lauret, a graphic designer, and illustrator.

The simple, yet playful portfolio showcases Cinzia’s work as a children’s illustrator and graphic designer perfectly.

Without the abundance of information, this artist portfolio website doesn’t beat around the bush: everything is put out for your perusal, with a simple (yet colorful) contact form to ask away anything you might have.


Brad Albright

Artist Websites - Brad Albright

Artist Websites - Brad Albright

As opposite as this artist website looks in comparison to the prior example, beside the harsh coloring and the somewhat dark artwork Brad Albright’s website drives his visual work home fast.

It’s a simple portfolio with a strong illustration touch that this graphic designer knew how to use to its best potential.


Wim Delvoye

Artist websites - Wim Delvoye


Wim’s website ties a strong connection of web design with fine arts.

With it, this artist website embodies the definition of a great first impression. The 2D-like graphic serves as a navigation to the artist’s work.

Clicking on the specific buildings of the many times seen carpet town, the visitor gets taken to the artist’s work that correlates to it.


The Oatmeal

Artist Websites - The Oatmeal


Artist Websites - The Oatmeal

Seldom does a month go by that one of Oatmeal’s cartoons doesn’t get a spin around the globe. Matt is an internationally known graphic designer, with his website as his direct communication channel to his amassed audience.

The design of the website is simple, almost blog-like, saving room for his goofy but educational comics such as “Having a cat vs. having a baby” to be the dominant element. 


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